Course Details: Animator- MES/Q0701

Animator- MES/Q0701

Animator in the Media & Entertainment Industry is also known as Flash Animator/ 3D Animator/ Flash Shadow Artist.

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Individuals at this job need to refer to concept artwork prepared by animation artists to produce a sequence of 2D/3D images using animation software.

This program is aimed at training candidates for the job of a “Animator”, in the “Media and Entertainment” Sector/Industry and aims at building the following key competencies amongst the learner.

SECTOR: Media and Entertainment

SUB-SECTOR: Animation and Gaming


REF ID: MES/Q0701, V 1.0



After completing this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Identify animation requirements
  • Breakdown different stages of animation production
  • Prepare a schedule by listing the characters, props, number of shots and scenes and complexity of the scene requirement by reading script and referring storyboard in detail.
  • Plan tools and workflow for the animation
  • Apply principles of animation as per the character turn around, pose sheet, expression chart.
  • Produce 2D animation
  • Produce 3D animation
  • Produce stop motion animation
  • Create layout with camera, props and characters in given scene or shot or location as per storyboard.
  • Create poses for characters to exhibit their attitude, behavior as per pose sheet and storyboard.
  • Create walk cycle, run cycle of biped and quadruped characters
  • Apply forward kinematics, inverse kinematics and constraints while creating animation for characters and props
  • Create a playblast and basic render of the animation scene file
  • Use all assets for animation like audio/dialogue clips, storyboard, pose sheet, pose characters with MEL scripts, facial expressions, blend shapes, scripts, animation cycles, etc. as per the medium and animation requirement.
  • Maintain workplace health and safety

Introduction & Orientation

Introduction and Orientation Theory Duration

  • Explain the importance of media and entertainment
  • Describe the role and responsibility of an animator
  • Explain the technical terms associated with animation
Animation Requirement

MES/N0701-  Understand animation requirements

This unit is about understanding the project brief, product requirements and methodology/technique(s) to be used for production.

  • Discuss the creative and technical requirements of the project with Director, ArtDirector and Supervisors. This could include the following: Identify the concept and/or style of animation, script, storyboard and animatic
  • Identify the target audience, define project pipeline/ asset management/ scheduling and activities, project timelines and constraints, production brief/ key milestones for delivery, creative brief/desired look of the endproduct – using similar projects for reference
  • List the quality standards to be maintained
  • Identify and list the technical details like aspect ratio, output format, list of deliverables and their respective output format
Conceptualize Creative Ideas for Production

MES/N0702- Conceptualise creative ideas for production

  • Research and find character references that would aid and inspire designs
  • Design creative concepts and ideas for production using visualization and using references from the concept art-work prepared by the designers, drawing from imagination, acting and performing
  • Explain ideas to the Director, Art Director and Supervisors
  • Identify the style of the work-product that would most appeal to the target audience in sync with the schedule and show requirement
Animation Workflow & Tools

MES/N0703 - Plan tools and workflow

  • Compare various types of software tools available for production in the market
  • Research and Suggest the best tool for the production
  • Evaluate timelines for production in accordance to the production schedule (supervisor)
  • List the production workflow/schedule, deliverables and timelines with the Director, Art Director and Supervisors
Produce 3D Animation

MES/N0704 - Produce 2D animation

MES/N0705 - Produce 3D animation

  • Follow the storyboard for composition i.e. positioning of the character with respect to the background and camera to create the desired animation
  • Draw/source key frame drawings to establish a reference point for strong poses Incorporate audio/music assets
  • Create shadows for animation using pre- defined lighting keys
  • Bring assets together to produce sequences and scenes/shots as per requirements and ensuring continuity
  • Ensure that the hook-up/transition from one scene to another is done properly
  • Create compositions with layers and build a perspective view in the scene/shot.
  • Work effectively within the team and with other departments, namely, assets, lighting and effects
  • Critically review animation produced, keeping in mind the creative and design specifications and producer brief
  • Refine the output based on deviations observed and/or modifications required within requisite timelines
  • Ensure that the work-products meet quality standards (so that they can be approved with minimum iterations) and are delivered within the requisite timelines
  • Organise, store and manage workproducts into file formats using standard file naming conventions and maintain assets for further use.
  • Communicate with junior animators regarding the project specifications to meet the production delivery as scheduled
  • Apply principles of design, 2D animation and film-making to create sequences and scenes/shots
  • Apply 3D animation techniques including realistic 3D animation (motion capture + key frame)
Communication & Professional Skills

Communication and Professional Skills

  • Report output, efforts and scheduletaken to complete the allotted task
  • Read and understand the script and character descriptions
  • Read the work plan and production schedule to ensure that progress is in line
  • Suggest creative ideas to the Director and Animation supervisor
  • Communicate clearly and collaborate effectively with colleagues who are working with the previous or next scenes/shots
  • Understand the modifications required from the Director, Animation supervisor and Producer
  • Discuss the challenges faced during production and discuss ways to address such challenges in future projects
  • Make decisions in order to be able to work collectively and independently, where required
  • Understand shot break up and plan effort and time required for each element of the shot
  • How to plan and prioritise individual timelines and deliver on schedule
  • Work effectively as a member of the team and help realize overall timelines
  • Prioritise work-products and tasks based on requirements
Length 3 weeks
Effort 4 hours per day
Fee ₹ 590.00
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