Course Details: Beekeeper: AGR/Q5301

Beekeeper: AGR/Q5301

The bee-keeper manages colonies of bees in order to harvest honey and other Bee related by-products (Wax, Pollen, Propolish, Royal Jelly, Bee venometc etc). His responsibilities include nurturing the bees to sell the raw and finished products in the market.

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The individual at work is responsible for carrying out beekeeping operation right from understanding bee biology and behaviour to harvesting and processing of products.


At the end of this module, you will be able to:

  •  Recognize  the objecves of the programme
  • Explain scope or job role of beekeeper
  • Explain importance of beekeeping in generang self-employment
  • Describe importance of beekeeping in generang job opportunies in allied sectors
  •  Describe importance of beekeeping in enhancing agricultural producvity
  •  Idenfy the basic structural features of honey bee body
  • Explain the special structural modificaons in honey bees
  •  Describe the importance and ulity of various modificaons on honey bee body
  •  Idenfy job opportunies in various sectors associated with beekeeping
Length 3 weeks
Effort 4 hours per day
Fee ₹ 590.00
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