Course Details: TOT- 22nd Sept, 2021 to 27th Sept, 2021

TOT- 22nd Sept, 2021 to 27th Sept, 2021

Training of Trainers

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Trainers accomplish an important role in upgrading the skills of the workforce and learners to meet technological changes and challenges at the workplace. Trainers can excel in their job once they understand learning needs and capabilities of the learners, in our sector, persons with disabilities. It is important because people of different age groups and people with different disabilities have different learning abilities, which should be considered by a trainer while training them. Sector Skill Council’s Training of Trainer (ToT) Program prepares trainers to effectively: instruct, train, advice and assess people taking part in the training programs aligned to Disability related NOS. 

22nd September, 2021
23rd September, 2021
24th September, 2021
25th September, 2021
26th September, 2021

Indira Manovikas

Length 5 days
Effort 8 hours per day
Fee ₹ 590.00
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